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In 1963 Lloyd and Kirby Davies returned from a posting in Thailand.  They were very keen to get back to see their Thai friends as soon as possible. A Melbourne Cup win that November gave Kirby the money for her first buying trip, and Peuan Thai was born.

Peuan Thai (meaning "Thai Friend") started in a garage in Canberra and is the parent company of Silk Trader. At first it sold anything beautiful from Thailand - silk, cotton, ready made clothes, celadon, teak, lacquer ware, bronze, basket wear, jewellery...... the only provision was "beautiful".

In the late 1960's Lloyd joined the company and in 1974 their daughter, Rosemary, joined 'temporarily' - never to leave! Silk Trader has since added silk from India and China to the collection, as well as "silk look" polyesters.

In 1994 Peuan Thai changed it's trading name to Silk Trader.

With over 40 years experience, Silk Trader is confident to say that it can supply quality and service, second to none, when the style and glamour of silk or superb "silk look" fabric is required.



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